Is there a connection between the Corona Virus (Covid 19) and Raelism/Elohim?

There is no connection between the Corona Virus (Covid 19) and Raelism/Elohim.

Rael tells us that there have always existed bacteria and viruses out there, and anyone can catch them. Covid19 is no different.

Using masks, social distancing, and staying indoors, weakens the immune system. People who do that, will catch anything and become sick.

Our immune system was built to protect us, but it can only do its job if we go outside and mingle. Then it will become stronger.

So, it's better to ignore the fear-mongering media. Besides, fear makes us weaker.

Please note that if your country is enforcing regulations regarding this so-called pandemic, and breaking them can put you at risk of fines or imprisonment (as it happens in some countries), then you will need to abide, but avoid risking your health unnecessarily.