Where is the Elohim planet located?

 The answer to the question about the location of the Elohim planet can be found in the book Intelligent Design in the chapter "At the root of all religions" on p.88 "

It is written that the “height of the creator” is 236,000 “parasangs”, and that “the height of his heels” is 30,000,000 “parasangs”. A parasang is a unit of measurement just like the parsec, which stands
for the distance that light can travel in one second, which is about 300,000 kilometers. Our planet is 30,000,000 parasangs away from Earth or about nine thousand billion kilometers, just a little less than
a light-year.

By moving at the speed of light, or 300,000 kilometers per second, you would take almost one year to reach our planet. With your present-day rockets, which travel at only 40,000 kilometers per hour, it would take you about 26,000 years to reach our planet.

So you can see that we have nothing to fear for the time being. We have the means to travel to Earth from our planet in less than two months with an atom-based propulsion method, which enables us to
move at the speed of rays that are seven times faster than the speed of light.

Those rays “carry” us. To be carried by them, we leave the optical window, which is the spectrum of rays detected by the eye, to tune into the carrying beam. That is why people on Earth who have observed our spaceships have described them as becoming luminous, then very brilliant white, then blue, and finally disappearing.

Obviously, when a spacecraft goes beyond the speed of light, it disappears and is no longer visible to the naked eye. That is the “height of the creator’s heels”, the distance at which his heels, so to
speak, rest on a planet.

The creators’ own planet is 236,000 parasangs from its sun - a very big star - or seventy billion, eight hundred million kilometers. This is what is meant by the “height” of the creators.

The Kabala is the closest book to the truth, but almost all religious books allude to us with varying degrees of clarity. This is especially true in those countries where the creators had bases - in the Andes, in the Himalayas, in Greece where Greek mythology also contains important testimonies, as well as in the Buddhist and Islamic religions and among the Mormons. It would take many pages to name all the religions and sects that testify in a more or less obscure way to our work.’

The only thing I could add is that the Elohim do not wish to disclose the exact location of their planet so that we don't disturb their peace.

We also need to take into account that the Elohim no longer lives in an "analog" world as we do, but that they live in what we would call "virtual" worlds inside computers that have "backups" all over the galaxy. This goes also for all the other civilizations that have conquered their primitive instincts and have been able to fully develop their science and technology.

That's also the reason why none of the people who search for "alien intelligence" in space with their telescopes, etc, can find anyone...because those civilizations use technology that is not detectable with
our current instruments.

The book "Yes, to Human Cloning" mentions life in a virtual world.

One of the RaelAcademy videos (Sunday Contacts in Okinawa) also mentions this and the backups.

The thing about not wanting to disclose their location is in the first book.

This is the video where Rael speaks about the Elohim living in computers:

The computer