I want to train myself in ESP, Telepathy, Telekinesis, and all. I know they exist. I just want to know how I can voluntarily access them within myself.

 The best way to become more perceptive is through meditation. And particularly through Sensual Meditation, where we learn to fully use all our senses.

This in turn helps our brain to become more attuned to our environment.

Rael advises us against trying to develop our telepathy by force because it could unbalance our brain (meaning you could end up in a psychiatric hospital).

But... if you meditate regularly, and through your senses become more attuned to your environment, naturally your brain will become more perceptive.

Some people are born with the gift of telepathy, but they are extremely rare. It is not possible to develop these faculties right away no matter how much you try.

But in any case, it is not important. None of these faculties is really important.

All that matters is to be kind to oneself and to others. Love opens the door to another dimension in our everyday life.

And don't forget to meditate as often as possible so your mind becomes better attuned.

One last thing, when meditating, don't expect anything, and don't make any extra efforts. Just let it happen, quietly.

Check our book Sensual Meditation which you can download here:

This book is the "instruction manual" given to us by the Elohim to develop ourselves.