The Elohim only collects the DNA of the person at the moment of their death. But DNA undergoes changes progressively with age like epigenetic changes, telomere shortening, silent mutations, etc. When Dolly was one year old, analysis of her DNA showed that her telomeres were shorter than would be expected for a normal sheep of the same age. Telomeres are ‘caps’ on the ends of a Chromosome that protect the DNA from damage. As an animal or person, ages, its telomeres become progressively shorter, exposing the DNA to more damage. It’s thought that Dolly had shorter telomeres because her DNA came from an adult sheep and the telomeres had not been fully renewed during her development. This could have meant that Dolly was ‘older’ than her actual age. That is the reason why the clone of an aged Dolly the sheep was "older" than the young body which it was supposed to have. So if the Elohim only collects the DNA of the person at the moment of their death, the recreated person will be genetically older & hence having a weaker body will develop early morbidities and will die early too instead of becoming immortal.

Obviously, the Elohim won't have any issues with telomere length when they clone a human being.

Our science is still very primitive, and our scientists still have a long way to go in figuring out how our body works. 

Whereas Dolly's telomeres were indeed shorter, she didn't die naturally. She was euthanized when she became sick.

Some cells do not have the issue of their telomeres becoming shorter after replication. 

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