Something is happening on the Moon. About 45 Aliens are supposed to have died. Is it a war between different factions of the Aliens or between Humans & Aliens or just a technical glitch?

Why are Biological Robots not considered equal to Humans or the Elohim? Why should we not shed tears when a particular Biological Robots"s existence is extinguished at the end of its necessity.

Who or what is behind this agenda?

Who or What are the "Jinns" as is known in Islamic concepts or the "Spirits" as is known in other Religions? They are known to convey true but mostly false information to humans and sometimes even known to manipulate Matter or Events.

What is the source of False Prophecies, Past life information, knowledge regarding Aliens as elicited through Hypnotic regression by individuals like Dolores Cannon, or through entering the Trance States like Mother Shipton or Edgar Cayce? If this information is transmitted telepathically by Biological Robots, how come in most of the cases they turn out to be false?

Have we crossed the 144000 thresholds of Raelian membership in the world?

How many Raelians are there in the world at present and in how many countries?