What is the source of False Prophecies, Past life information, knowledge regarding Aliens as elicited through Hypnotic regression by individuals like Dolores Cannon, or through entering the Trance States like Mother Shipton or Edgar Cayce? If this information is transmitted telepathically by Biological Robots, how come in most of the cases they turn out to be false?

Mediums are people who can communicate telepathically with people who have been recreated on Elohim's planet. From this, we can infer that some people have received true information.

Another thing is those who believe they are mediums but in fact, are people who have mental issues. Those people believe that their own thoughts are messages being sent by some alien or deceased person. 

Some hypnotists plant information on the patients' minds or lead them towards the answers they want to hear regarding hypnotic regression, so the gleaned information is not always true.

Finally, Rael has always insisted that he is the one who has the true information directly from the Elohim, creators of life on Earth.