I am sending this e-mail with my deepest anxiety. I have this question that by when will we be meeting our other galactic friends. There are have been recent news that the Israeli government chief had spoken that Israel and the United States of America, are already in collaboration with the aliens and the last president (Donald Trump) was on going to spill the news of alien existence ( like NASA during the early covid lockdown officially declared the photos of UFOs), but then was stopped stating that the humans are not ready yet. So coming back to my question that by when will we be ready to meet our galactic friends, as we humans have reached the level of understanding and comprehending that aliens could exist. We may not be ready emotionally or are yet not a peaceful race because we have been feed with lies of God to control the animal nature within us. So to change that and to really make us the breed of beings that is expected for us to be would be to give us the truth about everything then train us all to achieve the goal of becoming a peaceful race, would or could only be done by the guidance of our galactic friends. Summing up to all of the above, that I urge from the bottom of my heart and beg you to answer that when will we be able to meet our galactic friends? And expect the answer in a time or date format, and not in the hidden words (like u will meet when u will be ready as a peaceful race ).

 The best answer to your question which might help is a short text from the book "Yes to Human Cloning" which describes when we will be able to meet people in other parts of the universe.


Book Title: "Yes to Human Cloning"
Author: Rael
Page: 137
The excerpt below from the chapter "Macrobiology" - page: 139

Each human being is a cell in the body of this huge developing fetus of humanity. And, just as one day, when all its organs are properly developed, the fetus will be ready to be born, so it is for the baby-humanity that will be born just as soon as it develops all its organs.

All the new technologies* we have explored in this book represent the final stages in the development of this baby-humanity which it must go through before it is born. We are all cells in this huge baby-humanity and together we form a collective consciousness. And, the acquisition of eternal life for ourselves, its cells, will render the whole eternal too. And, as awakened humans link up, their individual consciousnesses will fuse together to form a global consciousness, ready to link up to other global consciousnesses on other planets in other parts of the infinite universe.

But, while the consciousness of our developing fetal humanity still remains fragmented (as it has always been and always will be until we become eternal), it cannot communicate with other global consciousnesses in other parts of the universe.

*Technologies described in the book:
  • Human Cloning
  • Genetically Modified Foods
  • The Internet
  • Nano-Technology
  • Space Exploration
  • Electronic Democracy
  • Biological Robots
  • Transhumanism
  • Cyborgs