It is written by our Prophet Rael that we must not impose any religion or baptize or circumcise any child and must wait for them to reach the age when they can understand and choose. Then why did Abraham circumcise Issac when he was 8 days old and Ishmael when he was 13 years old.

In the Gospel of Luke it is written about the Penitent thief, 42 Then he said, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom." 43 He replied to him, "Amen I say to you today you will be with me in Paradise." While it is said in our scripture that it must not be thought that when death is near it is sufficient to believe in the Elohim in order to have the right to eternal life. Even then on what authority did Jesus promise at this 11th hour Penitent to be in paradise ie. enjoy Eternal life.

In our Raelian concept it is said that if most of the actions of someone during this lifetime are negative, he/she could be recreated to be judged later by those same people whom he made to suffer. Now isn't that a sheer wastage of time, resources, and energy to recreate someone already dead to be made alive again to suffer again & in the process also recreate someone who had already been made to suffer by the first group when they were alive to now pronounce their judgments & then die again. Why not just let bygones be bygones?

Is there a way for Raelians to talk directly to the Elohim via Meditation? If yes, are there any guided meditations to help people develop their ability to talk to The Elohim through Telepathy?