I still am confused that is the cellular contact necessary to transfer the genetic information to Elohim's computer through a guide who puts a wet hand over our forehead or the information can be transmitted without a guide as well?

The Elohim live in a "virtual" world. They live inside of very advanced computers. They communicate wirelessly, and immediately they are able to scan anyone's DNA and take note of the frequency.

Each person's DNA vibrates at a different frequency. So when a guide (whose DNA is already recorded by the Elohim) meets with a different DNA (through the wet hand on the forehead), the vibrations are
transmitted to the Elohim who take note.

Regarding remote transmission, note that we give Rael a photo, the name, the birthdate, and the birthplace. The Elohim keeps track of all humans that are born on Earth. If we give them the name, location, and birthdate, they can quickly narrow down the person during a remote transmission performed by Rael. The photo further confirms that they have the right person. Then, they simply take note that the person recognizes the Elohim as our Creators since they already have the DNA of everyone from the moment they are born.