It is mentioned that the Elohim live in a "virtual" world. They live inside of very advanced computers. They communicate wirelessly. Does that mean they have advanced to the stage where they are no more physically present but are present as virtual computer programs? But then Rael had physically visited them and had physically interacted with them. Please elaborate & clarify.

All of the eternal "Elohim" live in computers. They live on a separate planet from the non-eternal Elohim. The non-eternal Elohim still live in a biological world. This is the Elohim's planet of birth. The "Elohim" that visited Rael, are eternal. They live in computers. To visit Rael they download themselves into a biological body.


  1. Very interesting and mind blowing that they alrrady have reached the virtual consciousness stage. I wonder one thing. Don't they feel trapped in a computer ? Like a bird feels trapped in a cage, or what or how do they do their stuff ? Do the elites ever feel bored to stay inside a computer ?

  2. All civilizations that don't self-destruct, eventually reach the point where they become immortal, and some may choose to live in what we could call a "computer"... but of course, it is not like the computers we have. It is something that we do not have at this moment, so it may be difficult for some people to imagine.
    Let me put it this way... many of our scientists think that we are in fact living inside a computer simulation...


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