I understood why the Elohim can or cannot do something about this pandemic. I still have a small doubt, is there any way or method for saving those who are dying, is it good for them to die ? Like in Hindu Dharma, it was stated that this time is Kali Yuga, the time of destruction. All the bad people die and the good ones survive, to start over again the humanity afresh. In Raelism, it was stated that humans will self destruct. So has it started already?

If you are referring to those who are dying in the so-called pandemic, yes, many can be saved by our own scientists... even though some of the therapies have been banned in many countries (otherwise they would not have been able to approve the current experimental vaccines).

You can do a Google search (better DuckDuckGo) to find out the type of meds that doctors have been using successfully to cure their patients.

As to the Elohim saving people... this is up to us. For humanity to grow and advance scientifically, these challenges we are facing prompt us to investigate and find cures, and that's how we evolve. If the Elohim did everything for us, our brains would not have any challenge and we would not progress. Then humanity would remain primitive forever.

We are not familiar with Hindu mythology, but people die every day, both the good ones and the bad ones. 

Raelians and many other people are working hard so that humanity may survive. The Elohim are also watching over us and they are guiding Rael so that we may not self-destruct.

The best advice we can give is to live your life as if humanity will be saved. 

We hope this helps.