How the Elohim gets their energy to do everything, like from running the enormous computer which watches over all the humans, to the machine that creates biological robots. Is it electric energy or something else

The Elohim did not disclose the type of energy that they use. Most likely they use different types of energy.


  1. I kind of do think that they may have already found out quantum zero particle energy already.

  2. As there isn't a proper theoretical model for zero-point energy (of a
    quantum mechanical system), I cannot comment on this. However, I can
    quote a paragraph in the Messages where the Elohim told Rael about the
    types of energy they use:

    "Our highly developed atomic energy is almost inexhaustible,
    especially since we have discovered a way to use the atom in a closed
    circuit, and solar energy. We also have many other sources of energy.
    We do not necessarily use uranium in our atomic reactors, but several
    other simple and harmless materials."

    Please note that the Messages were dictated to Rael in 1973, thus the
    information contained is unavoidably tailored to the scientific
    knowledge that we had 40 years ago. If Rael were to receive the
    Messages today, they would contain more advanced information in
    accordance with our current scientific understanding.


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