If we humans are connected telepathically to the Elohim, then we can think of them and convey our message to them by intensely thinking about them. Is it the secret behind law of attraction

The Elohim are people like us. Can you imagine if they had to pay attention to every message that the almost 8 billion people on Earth send to them asking for help and other stuff? They would not be able to live their lives in peace.

Since the Elohim's computers record everything that happens on Earth, including people's thoughts, it is possible that their computers might single out the thoughts or prayers of someone who is considered very worthy of being helped. The Messages mention this type of help as something very exceptional, which can also include physical healing.

Personally I wouldn't believe too much in the so-called "law of attraction". Magic does not exist. You cannot "think" stuff into being. You have to work for it.  But, take into account that our thoughts modify our behavior and through it our future. So if one has a self-defeating attitude, chances are that life won't be good; and the opposite is also true.


  1. I understand. People are saved when they are in extreme danger so I guess the computer is smart and intelligent enough to carry out tasks on its own. Thanks again for elaborating this.


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