What is the 3rd eye opening according to the Elohim

The Elohim never mentioned the "3rd eye" (at least through this terminology). We assume it refers to the supra-consciousness, which is one grade above the "normal" consciousness. Supra-consciousness allows
us to feel one with infinity.


  1. Thanks a lot for the clarification !
    Is it the connection between our brain and the computer in which the 7 Elites are present virtually within a computer program ?

    1. The connection is "wireless", as we call it. The Elohim live in a "virtual" world inside a "computer", but their technology is so advanced that our concept of "virtual" and "computer" may be too limited to grasp it.
      Many of our scientists believe that we live in a virtual reality ourselves... yet, we would not think of our world as being "inside" a computer, since our computers are still very primitive.
      Have you heard of the "Internet of things" and the "Internet of bodies"? It connects everything and everyone to a database and it interlinks everything and everyone.
      You can find a simple explanation here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jacobmorgan/2014/05/13/simple-explanation-internet-things-that-anyone-can-understand/?sh=353f0cc31d09


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