Is a connection between Saptarishi and the 7 research teams and laboratories as spoken on page 11 in the MANGA comic book. In Hindu scriptures it is said that entire human creations starts from these seven rishis, who are identified in sky as seven independent stars seen with naked eye from earth and are near to each other, it is also believed that they come on earth regularly. Also ask about why different commandments  in different languages were given thru Jesus, prophet Mohammed, Sri Krishna etc., when creator is same with Hebrew being their language. What is special about Israel as place on earth and Jews for Elohim.

As in all legends - meaning stories that come from centuries or even millennia ago - the truth has become distorted.

The 7 rishis, I assume, refer to the 7 teams of Elohim that created life on Earth.

As to the different commandments (in truth they are all very much the same, but people have added, subtracted, and changed the contents with the passing of time), the Elohim have been sending prophets to different countries on Earth and at different times of our history.

Each prophet came with a message adapted to the time and location. So even if all messages contain the same bases, some details might differ depending on the local culture. For the rest, as mentioned before, everything becomes changed with time.

Regarding Israel, the answer is in the Messages.

Love, Lluisa
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