Why do we suffer from depression and anxiety without reason, can mental illness be cured permanently? Can aliens help us in this?

Q: Why do we suffer from depression and anxiety without reason, can mental illness be cured permanently? Can aliens help us in this?

A: Currently mental illnesses cannot be cured. They can only be "managed" or palliated with medication.
Aliens cannot help with this. We have to work it out by ourselves.

Our current society is not designed to make people happy. So many people suffer from anxiety and depression.

I would suggest first try a natural approach to curing anxiety and depression. And if that does not work, then I would suggest seeking medical help.

A natural approach would be:

1- Turn off the TV. Turn off the radio. Do not check your smartphone.
At this moment the whole world is immersed in a fear campaign so that people get vaccinated for a simple flu. Trust in your immune system and distrust the mass media which is sponsored by Big-Pharma.

2- Sleep enough and eat natural food, not processed and packaged stuff which is unnatural and harmful to the body.
If you have access to organic foods even better, as most produce nowadays is polluted with pesticides. If no organic is available, wash your vegetables thoroughly.

3- Change your mindset. Attitude is everything. I know that when one is depressed, it is difficult to change one's perception, but we must rise above ourselves. Most people operate from a basic consciousness level, not unlike other animals. But only man is able to use the supra-consciousness. 

4- Meditate. Meditating will allow you to open up to infinity and feel one with it. Being in supra-consciousness is when you feel one with all. In that state anxiety and depression are no longer felt, as we operate from a different part of our brain. It takes time to open up sufficiently, so be patient. In time those moments will last longer and longer.

5- Do what you love. Maybe music is good for you, if so, listen to it. It can have a cathartic effect and help you out of depression. Walking in nature is good too. Take care of yourself. You must put yourself first, not others. If you cannot help yourself, how can you expect to be able to help anyone else...?

6- If all of the above fails, you may have a genetic problem and require medical help. Our ancestors didn't always take good care of their bodies, either with alcohol, tabaco, drugs, etc... so their offspring might have a DNA which contains some damage. This is the cause of certain cancers, mental issues and other genetic diseases. All the recommendations above can help up to a point when the issue is genetic. But if the depression is too bad, only meds might be able to help.

7- Finally... Use medication only as a last resort. Medications for the mind (antipsychotics, etc), come with many side effects. On occasion the damage could be irreversible, so again, use meds only if without them you could be a danger to yourself (such as in self-harm, etc). Always balance the pros and the cons.

I hope this helps...