Is COVID 19 a plan to depopulate in the world?

Covid-19 has a 99.7% survival rate. So unless one is very old and very sick already, getting Covid is like getting a bad cold.

According to reports by health professionals, including Dr. Malone who invented the mRNA vaccine technology, what can be pretty dangerous are the current covid vaccines, specially for younger people.

The Elohim warned Rael in 2015 that there was a plan to depopulate the Earth, and that it would be done through some pathogen.

The Elohim added that there would be mandatory vaccinations to "protect" people against this pathogen.

But they warned us that while some of the vaccines would cure people, other vaccines would contain elements to make people sicker and kill them.

We cannot say for sure if this Covid-19 is related to what the Elohim warned Rael about or not, but it certainly has many points in common.

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Love, Lluisa