Do the Elohim eat meat in this form?

Answer 1:

Dear Rishi,

Very likely, as stated in the Messages, even if their technology would be more advanced.

(I did not watch the video. I just chose a couple of frames for context).

Love, Lluisa

Answer 2:

Dear Rishi,

I don't know how relevant it is to speculate on the Elohim dietary habit... and as I don't live with them I have absolutely no real clue...  ;-)

This being said, just for the sake of the discussion, you have to keep in mind the following:

1) The technology they have now (today) is way much advanced, compared to the technology they had 13000 years ago (they made a giant technological leap forward when the satellite from their own creators landed on their planet some 5000 years ago).

2) If at the beginning of the human creation, they were asking humans to bring them fresh food ( probably tasting better than the synthesized one at that time), nowadays, as they can create in a machine,  a fully grown man in few seconds, they can surely create any meals of any taste in a few seconds too... including chicken nuggets if they wished!  ;-)

Laughter & Love,