Does the machine called Chronovisor really exists? If yes then what is the present status of it..!!

I very much doubt that the so-called Chronovisor actually exists.

The Elohim keep track of everything that happens on Earth, so they can indeed view any event from any time period whenever they want, since they have records of everything and everyone.

But I highly doubt that they would allow anyone on Earth to connect to the Elohim's "cloud computer" and wirelessly receive images from there from other time periods.

The Chronovisor was supposedly built during the decade of the 1960s when we still did not have the Internet or wireless cloud storage ourselves, so the whole Chronovisor story makes no sense.

When the Elohim return to Earth, I'm sure they will let us view what happened in the past, but for the time being it is not possible.

On occasion, a person with highly developed telepathic abilities might be able to connect with someone living on the Planet of the Eternals and receive information, but it is very rare, and it would be done telepathically and not with a machine.

Love, Lluisa


  1. Dear Leusia!
    Is it possible to develop the highly poweful telepathy technique by we the humen being. And how could one do so to gain acsess to the eternal beings?

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    2. Hi, you may want to check out the link these answers posted on Telepathy.
      If you have a follow up question, you can comment on those questions for more information.

  2. If a human were taken to the Elohim's planet, the Elohim would be able to awaken some faculties which are dormant in us, which may include telepathy. But by ourselves, it is not possible at the moment.

    Of course, through meditation one can sharpen one's senses, but telepathy does not seem to be something that one can develop at will. Maybe with proper training, and starting from childhood with a good technique, it may be possible to enhance our natural telepathy, but I doubt anyone knows how to do it.

    As to "gaining access to the eternal beings" I don't understand the question. Does it refer to becoming eternal? Or to meeting an eternal person?

    Either way, to meet an eternal person one would have to travel to the Planet of the Eternals. To go there is something that only the best of humans can aspire to (after death). The best of humans refers to people who dedicate their lives to helping others selflessly and with love without expecting any rewards in return.

    Love, Lluisa


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