The Elohim created 7 Races on Earth. Were Hebrew & Sanskrit one of the original 7 languages. Or is Sanskrit older to Hebrew or vice versa. Which are the original 7 languages. Or did all the races speak only one common language. If so which is that language.

  1. Yes, the Elohim created originally 7 races on earth, like they had on their own home planet.
  2. What made you believe that there were 7 original language?  It is not because people are from different races that they must speak different languages...  There was one original language, the others languages appeared some time after the population begins to scatter in different tribes around the world.
  3. The original language (one original language) was neither Hebrew nor Sanskrit.  It was a computer designed language that was somewhat similar to the very ancient Hebrew language (which is different from today's spoken Hebrew language)
  4. Keep in mind that language changes with time; the English spoken today is much different then the English spoken during the middle ages.  Even right now, in USA, the English in New York is way different from the English spoken in the south east USA, one can sometimes barely understand the other... and this all happened within only few generations... So try to imagine after few 1000s years... without school or books to learn it !

Laughter & Love,