What is Transmission

Is there any literal or symbolic meaning or Raelian understanding behind the story of Hiram Abiff, building of Solomon's Temple and Hiram Abiff's murder by Jubela, Jubelo and jubelum at 12 noon as per the Freemasonic lore

In the future world where all work will be done by the Computers, couldn't such a scenario emerge wherein with the highly developed Artificial Intelligence the Computers organize themselves and decide that since they are better than the humans, it will be better off to have the humans go extinct and kill them and thus decrease the burden on Earth and it's resources.

COVID is it man made or natural? With the ways how Covid is spreading I am convinced that it is not natural and it's indeed a part of a Biological weapon. But I am not yet sure who is waging the war against whom, though we are suffering. Can you please share some ideas on this topic, keeping aside my concept which may be right or wrong.

I want to explore all god Mysterious place. example: Nidhiban. The news channel doesn't cover all truth. I cant explore Mysterious

Is 5G triggering the Covid switch?

I understood why the Elohim can or cannot do something about this pandemic. I still have a small doubt, is there any way or method for saving those who are dying, is it good for them to die ? Like in Hindu Dharma, it was stated that this time is Kali Yuga, the time of destruction. All the bad people die and the good ones survive, to start over again the humanity afresh. In Raelism, it was stated that humans will self destruct. So has it started already?

What functions will this Planet of the Non-Eternals serve?

What about those who will be recreated for punishment. Will that be in the Planet of the Non-Eternals?

When we will be taken up to be with the Eternals, will we be taken to the Planet of the Eternals or the Planet of the Non-Eternals?

Why has such a system of 2 separate Planets been adopted by the ELOHIM?

The Planet of the Eternals must also have some system in place such that the Computers don't go out of order and is continuously repaired and upgraded and the Planet is not ravaged by destruction by Natural or External influences. Is this maintained by Biological Robots or AI systems? But then can the Biological Robots or AI systems handle new threats or problems such as Planetary or Galactic upheavals or an ExtraPlanetary object crashing into the Planet or excess Vegetation & forestation running amock etc. In such a situation continuity of survival of the Eternals may be at stake if there are no Physical Eternals to handle the situation or emergency, right? Is there has to be a system & mechanism in place?

It is mentioned that the Elohim live in a "virtual" world. They live inside of very advanced computers. They communicate wirelessly. Does that mean they have advanced to the stage where they are no more physically present but are present as virtual computer programs? But then Rael had physically visited them and had physically interacted with them. Please elaborate & clarify.