Which type of alien is this?

Is COVID 19 a plan to depopulate in the world?

What kind of job can a Raelian do?

Russian Boy "Boris Kipriyanovich " Claims He Lived on Mars in a Past Life, and He Brought a Warning About Earth’s Future. Is this true?

If you search "maha avtar baba ji" on Google you will see this photo. . Can Rael confirm if he is an Elohim?

Is a connection between Saptarishi and the 7 research teams and laboratories as spoken on page 11 in the MANGA comic book. In Hindu scriptures it is said that entire human creations starts from these seven rishis, who are identified in sky as seven independent stars seen with naked eye from earth and are near to each other, it is also believed that they come on earth regularly. Also ask about why different commandments  in different languages were given thru Jesus, prophet Mohammed, Sri Krishna etc., when creator is same with Hebrew being their language. What is special about Israel as place on earth and Jews for Elohim.

Apart from Elohim, Did any other creators invaded earth?

Why do we suffer from depression and anxiety without reason, can mental illness be cured permanently? Can aliens help us in this?

If we humans are connected telepathically to the Elohim, then we can think of them and convey our message to them by intensely thinking about them. Is it the secret behind law of attraction

How the Elohim gets their energy to do everything, like from running the enormous computer which watches over all the humans, to the machine that creates biological robots. Is it electric energy or something else

What is the 3rd eye opening according to the Elohim

What is Transmission

Is there any literal or symbolic meaning or Raelian understanding behind the story of Hiram Abiff, building of Solomon's Temple and Hiram Abiff's murder by Jubela, Jubelo and jubelum at 12 noon as per the Freemasonic lore